You Matter

Take a moment
and imagine what your career
and leadership impact will be
one year from now.

Will it be status quo?
Or is there is a compelling reason for you to achieve a whole new level of success?

This is possible if you are willing to get clear on what you want, create an action plan to get there, and apply the changes needed to improve your effectiveness.

Think about how your work and personal life will be with greater clarity, confidence and commitment.


Leadership Success Coaching Programs

Workplace Matters will partner with you to provide insights, tools and resources that compel you to build the momentum you need to reach your goals. You will be held accountable to acquire the results you say you want, in a way that is supportive and encouraging.



You will set far better goals that motivate you in a healthy way.


You will accomplish goals, tasks, and projects much more quickly.


You will make fewer mistakes in your business and personal life.


You will move up to the next level of your personal and professional life.


You will reduce the number of problems you have and better resolve the problems that are left.


You will likely make more money in your career, profession or business.


You will be a lot happier and this happiness will last.


You will be much more effective and influential with others: family, business and personal relationships.


You will become much more attractive to others – on the inside and on the outside.


You will have a better life, not just a better lifestyle.

You will be amazed by the energy and fulfillment you uncover when you develop the mindset, skillset and habits to positively influence yourself and those you lead.

Lisa’s commitment to quality service restricts her schedule to a small number of growth-minded coaching clients each month. These clients are prepared to commit to consistent action so they can build momentum that creates greater success.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Complete and submit our online application form. Following review of your application, you will be invited to schedule a complimentary Personal Success Discovery Session. In this session we’ll discuss your unique needs, goals and ambitions and decide if we are a fit to work together. If so, we’ll select a private coaching program that is right for you.


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Online Application Form

If you aren’t quite sure of your answers to these questions, that’s okay. Do your best in completing them. One of your goals may simply be to develop your goals! During your complimentary discovery session, I will walk you through a process to help you further flush this information out.

Once your completed application is received, you can expect to hear from us within 5 business days.

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1) What brings you to a place where you are considering working with a coach?

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3)  What has been or will be your biggest challenges in accomplishing these goals? 

4)  What value do you feel a coach could bring to you in accomplishing these goals?  

5)  What questions do you have for me? 


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