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“Now is the time to start growing your leadership!  Learn to apply practical tools and principles to improve your life, your team, and your organization.  Don’t leave leadership to chance.  Let me help you succeed. “


“ The best teachers
are those who show you
where to look but don’t
tell you what to see.”

-Alexandra K. Trenfor


Our solutions are designed with these three powerful intentions:


Increase Awareness of your next level of growth and what you need to do to succeed


Inspire Action so you can consistently move towards your goal


Instill Accountability so you apply required actions and learn from what you apply

When you work with Workplace Matters, you gain access to a variety of proven tools and programs designed to accelerate leadership growth.

Explore a few of the resources we offer by clicking on one of the links here:

{ Everything DiSC® }

{ 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® }

{ Lead with a COACH Approach

{ Speaking Events & Workshops


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