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Since 2005, our success has been built on understanding  each client’s unique situation and challenges.  We then design practical and innovative solutions to best meet their needs.

As a result of working with us, clients experience improved performance and higher levels of employee engagement. They also gain greater confidence and fulfillment in their leadership roles.  It’s really exciting when both the organization and the people in it succeed beyond their expectation.

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Lisa Holden Rovers is the Founder of Workplace Matters, where she serves as a powerful catalyst for business leaders and career professionals.  She has coached and trained hundreds of emerging and veteran leaders to discover their strengths, develop an influential leadership style, and take action to achieve their goals.

Lisa has been personally mentored and trained by some of the masters in the personal development industry, most notable of which is internationally recognized leadership authority, John C. Maxwell Maxwell’s core philosophy, “Everything rises and falls on leadership” is a key message Lisa shares with clients through her coaching, training, facilitation, and speaking engagements.




On their vision and goals as a leader


A greater awareness of their leadership strengths


Their understanding of what it takes to help a team succeed

With over 20 years of supporting leaders through the challenges of motivating, managing, and developing people, Lisa knows the difference good leadership makes.

Ultimately, her clients elevate their teams to higher levels of success and, at the same time, gain greater meaning and fulfillment in their own leadership roles.


“The beginning of all change starts with awareness,” says Lisa. “When you begin to understand yourself better, you begin to understand others better. When you are keenly aware of your strengths and the ways in which you hold yourself back, you make different choices on how to lead and influence others.”


Not surprisingly, Lisa’s expertise in human resources combined with her continual study of human behaviour in the workplace has helped her build effective programs for personal and leadership growth. It has also helped shape her own development.


“People are surprised when I tell them that as a child and young adult, I was very shy and reluctant to speak out.” Lisa says humbly. “When I studied psychology in University, I was exposed to various personality assessments. As a result of completing these, I increased my understanding of what made me tick. This knowledge became a catalyst to my own development. I began to understand my own strengths and areas where they may be overused. A positive consequence of learning about myself was that I also learned more about others and I became less intimidated by people with more forceful personalities. As I took the steps I needed to push past my fear and break out of my shy comfort zone, I became more confident and assertive. Essentially, my quietly effective leadership style became even more effective as I learned to increase my influence. This is why I am so passionate about the work I do. I get goosebumps when I see the growth that occurs when people connect with themselves first and then work to connect better with others. They become a better version of themselves.”


Lisa`s incredible insight, adaptability, support, empowerment, and yes – even the challenges that she provides – has lent to her credibility as a leadership coach who provides long lasting and consistent results.


[kleo_list type=”icons” icon_color=”yes”] Master of Science in Education, Capella University
Bachelor of Arts, University of Calgary
Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
Certified Corporate Coach, Corporate Coach U International
Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, John Maxwell Team
Certified Human Resources Professional, Human Resources Institute of Alberta
Authorized Partner, Everything DiSC
Authorized Partner and Accredited Facilitator, Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team


In addition to supporting clients within Alberta and across North America, Lisa also serves as a Leadership Instructor for Mount Royal University, and Faculty Member for CoachInc.com, a leading international school that specializes in training coaches. When not working, Lisa and her husband Michael enjoy spending time together at their home in Calgary, Alberta, near the beautiful Canadian Rockies.



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